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Consistent quality
Using a trusted cleaning company to deliver all services reduces the risk of poor service. If any issues do arise, these can be quickly resolved via one point of contact.

Increased customer value
Using a single supplier for all cleaning services may increase the value and therefore importance of your custom to the supplier – i.e., you may be classed as one of their key accounts. This means they will be likely to do everything they can to ensure you are a satisfied customer and retain your business.

Saved time!
Fewer suppliers to manage means reduced administration time for you and your team – for example fewer invoices for your accounts team to process and less time required from anyone involved in purchasing.

Reduced costs
Not only can the use of a single commercial cleaning supplier bring cost savings in terms of time saved, economies of scale mean you should also be able to secure cleaning services at competitive rates (given the total value of your requirements will be higher with a single supplier than smaller order values from multiple suppliers).

Improved delivery (cleaning consumables)
Having one flexible cleaning supplier that can meet all your consumable requirements (washroom, general office etc) is both convenient and cost effective. Products can be ordered and delivered quickly to your premises at a date and time that suits you. This avoids you having to pay for and store items you do not have a short-term requirement for, safe in the knowledge you will not run out of supplies.

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