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Our Introduction

Welcome to Midlands Carpet Cleaners

We Deliver The Best & Professional Carpet Cleaning Services In Birmingham & West Midlands.

We at Midlands Carpet Cleaners focus on the finer details when delivering our 1st Class service to our clients and larger businesses.

We not only know what to do, but we how to do it. It is our passion and aim every time to put in the hard work to re-fresh carpets and get them looking impeccable again.

Through our work experience so far, we have formulated our own unique methods for cleaning, which is more eco- friendly, reduced our water usage by more than 65%, making our services much more time efficient for both clients and staff.

We use eco friendly

Our dedicated staff members’ safety and well-being is fundamental to maximising our business’ ability to excel therefore Mr Johnson encourages all members of staff to communicate with him directly and as openly as possible. Mr Johnson has managed to create a relaxed and flexible atmosphere for him-self and his team members.

Unlike our competitors we are not bound by time. We leave when the job is done right, not when we have run out of time.

Midlands Carpet Cleaners are proud to say we only use organic pre-treatments and spotters that are safe for your family, pets, and the environment.
 Our Customer Service Experience is second to none. The same attention to detail we put into the carpets, is the same attention we put into our staff selection. All our staff are excellently trained, well-mannered, and well presented.
All staff are expected to show consideration not only to your carpet and the job at hand, but also you, your family, your pets, and your surrounding environment.

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Service Area

Hi, my name is Jermaine and I own Midlands Carpet Cleaning. I provide cleaning in birmingham in areas locations such as Great Hampton St, Fleet Street, Richard Lighton House, Leslie Bentley House, Swallow Street, Regent Place, Clement Street, Victoria Square, Wharfside Street, Saint Pauls House, Wolverhampton Road, Birmingham New Road, Stockfield, Redditch, Bromsgrove.

Most of my work is in B17, B28, B29, B30, B31, B32, B45,
B60, B61, B1 1RN, B3 1QU, B1 1RL, B1 1BD, B1 2SL, B18 6EU, B7 5BPB1 3NJ
B1 2AP, B1 3QQ, B2 4PA, B3 1JL, B18 6EU. But I also frequently travel to other suburbs.

If your in the following areas, please dial;

01384439084 Dudley
01922313533 Walsall
01926268484 Warwick
01425293422 Ringwood

All calls will be answered by the Founder of the company (Mr Jermaine Johnson), not a receptionist or distant automated answering service. We pride ourselves for being able to give appropriate and immediate responses to our customers

If you have a concern about the service you have received, we are eager to hear all about it.
We appreciate all forms of feedback from our clients, business associates and those also within the industry as this information is processed constantly to not only monitor our current progress, but also helps us to plan any improvements needed either immediately or for the future as the business expands.

We aim to satisfy all our customers. No matter how small or big the job.

“A man word is his bond”

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    Our lines are open 7 days a week. If you’re under a time crunch, have an emergency or just want to talk about any queries you may have, do not hesitate to call, even if it’s after hours (even if there’s a live Liverpool game on!).